90% of MP3 player owners are 35 years old or above

In-Stat/MDR found that interest in handheld electronics is increasing, as a larger number of available devices leads to increased consumer interest. Of the respondents in the survey indicating they own an MP3 player, about 90% were over 35 years of age, suggesting that these products are attractive to a broad consumer age demographic. About 31% of the total respondents had downloaded music from the Internet, most using a broadband Internet connection. The percentage of those who had paid for it rose nearly 20% from 2003.

30% of the respondents indicated they were familiar or very familiar with handheld audio/video players. This may signify that marketing and media attention does influence product awareness, especially for new product categories. The majority of those owning PDAs indicated they owned a Palm OS-based device. However, the percentage of respondents owning PDAs fell about 10% since last year’s survey.