9% of primetime TV viewers watch more TV after writers’ strike is over

9% of primetime viewers said they are watching more TV now that the strike is over compared to during the strike, while 82% are watching the same amount. 62% said they’ll return to their favorite show once it is back on air in late March/April 2008. 55% said they will return to their favorite TV shows even if it is not back on air until the Fall or Winter. 5% do not plan to return to their favorite TV shows at all when they return. Among viewers who do not plan on returning to watch their favorite shows on TV, 11% said that they are planning to watch TV shows online instead, while 2% said they will watch shows specifically on TV network websites. 10% plan to either watch DVDs, go to the movie theater, play video games, or watch free VOD programming. 75% said they would most likely either channel surf or watch other primetime television shows they are familiar with if their favorite show does not return until Fall/Winter. 3% of viewers said they would go online to TV network/video/websites to watch full repeat episodes and/or any online exclusive content of favorite TV shows, Carat says.