89% of satellite TV subscribers live in single family house

Satellite households with at least 1 over-the-air television are more likely to be married with children living in a single-family home outside the center city, according to CTAM. Increased satellite penetration in non-urban areas is to be expected given the lack of availability of cable in some remote areas of the US. These household s are more likely to be employed full-time and are just as likely to be college educated with an average household income.

Live in Single-Family House (89% vs. 71%)
A18-34 (30% vs. 25%)
Married (59% vs. 50%)
Caucasian (85% vs. 80%)
Children in HH (42% vs. 35%)
Employed Full-Time (57% vs. 48%)
Some College/Graduated College (38% vs. 37%)
Mean income ($52K vs. $54K)
Center City (21% vs. 34%)