86% of US consumers are happy with their wireless service

86% of US consumer are satisfied with their wireless phone service, McLaughlin & Associates reports. 78% would not be willing to pay a penny more for a wireless “consumer bill of rights,” and 59% believe “a cell phone ‘bill of rights’ would just add unneeded government regulations that would cause consumers to pay higher prices and have fewer choices for cell phone services.” 73% believe new government regulations on cell phone service would make cell phone service more expensive. 72% support a 3-year nationwide freeze on new wireless taxes, currently in the Senate communications bill, which would prohibit states and localities from raising taxes on wireless services. 71% believe adding new government regulations on wireless phone service would either make their cell phone service worse or make no difference at all. 57% of consumers said they were likely to contact policymakers if they knew new taxes or more government regulations were being proposed on their wireless phone service.