86% of insider attacks against the companies come from employees in technical positions

80% of insiders who launched attacks on their companies had exhibited negative behaviors before the incident, United States Secret Service reported. 92% had experienced a negative work-related event, such as a demotion, transfer, warning or termination. At the time of the incident, 59% were former employees or contractors, while 41% were still on the company clock. Of the former employees, 48% had been fired, 38% had resigned and 7% had been laid off. 86% were employed in a technical position, of them, 38% were system administrators. 21% were programmers, 14% were engineers and 14% were IT specialists. 96% of the inside attackers were male. Just under one-third of the insiders had an arrest history. 57% of insiders were perceived by others to be disgruntled.