85% of vacationers will take their cell phones with them

An InsightExpress study found that the majority of people (57%) stay “wired” while on vacation, describing their families as either “gadget gurus” or “moderately wired” during trips. And although younger generations are often thought to be most familiar with and dependent on technology, this is not the case when it comes to family get-aways. In fact, only 7% of respondents said that “love of technology is just a kid thing” while on the road. 63% of all respondents and a full 75% of the “wired vacationers” own three or more electronic devices. The top three devices that will make it into suitcases this summer are cell phones (85%), digital cameras (75%) and portable CD players (35%). Portable gaming devices narrowly missed the top three, with 33% bringing one along. One third of the “wired vacationers” plan to go online at some point for work, play or both. The majority (87%) will check personal email, but 36% plan to log in for professional reasons.