85 mln cameraphones sold in Europe by year-end 2005

Gartner predicts that sales of camera phones in Western Europe will be close to 85 mln by the end of 2005, more than 55% of total mobile terminal sales in the region. By 2009 this will rise to 143 mln, representing nearly 90% of the Western European mobile market. North America also continues to experience significant growth, with the camera phone market driving overall growth in mobile sales.

Camera phone sales are expected to reach over 70 mln units in 2005, representing 47% of total device sales in 2005. In both regions, Gartner points to the healthy subsidies offered on camera phones as key to the future success of the market. Camera phone sales in Asia Pacific will almost double in 2005 compared to the previous year, reaching 68 mln units. Japan however, continues to lead the curve in camera phone penetration with sales of camera phones accounting for nearly 92% of total mobile sales.