840 mln digital tracks purchased in the US in 2007

More than 840 mln digital tracks were purchased during 2007; an increase of 45% over 2006. Digital album sales reached the 50 mln for 2007; up 53% over the previous year and accounted for 10% of total album sales compared to 5.5% in 2006. In 2007, there were 9 different digital songs with sales that exceeded 2 mln compared to one in 2006 (Bad Day by Daniel Powter – 2,015,000). 41 digital songs exceeded the 1 mln sales mark for the year compared to 22 digital songs in 2006 and only 2 digital songs in 2005. Fergie was the biggest selling digital artist in 2007 with 7.5 mln track sales. There were more than 390,000 different physical albums that sold at least one copy over the Internet during 2007. Physical Internet album sales reached a new record high with sales of 30.1 mln unit sales; an increase of 2% over 2006 year-end total (29.1), Nielsen SoundScan reports.