83% of Americans have never used Personal Health Records

83% of respondents surveyed by IDC have never used personal health records (PHRs) in either electronic or paper form. The primary reason for not using a PHR, according to the survey results, is lack of awareness. 52% of respondents indicate they are simply unaware of the concept, with 18% noting they would consider using PHRs if recommended by a physician. When asked of their plans for future use of a PHR, consumers are decidedly ambivalent, with 82% “uncertain;” another 8% stating “never.” Of the small percentage (17%) of respondents who do use PHRs, a significant majority (90%) use either paper-based PHRs or common PC tools, such as a word processor, rather than specific PHR products. Consumers who do use PHRs cite their health history (42%), a physician’s recommendation (21%), and a health plan’s recommendation (11%) as the top three reasons.