82% of US teens have a PC, 71% have Internet access, 44% buy online

US teens spent $158 bln dollars in 2005, a 6% drop from 2004. 46% of teens 12-17 years old say they will spend more money in the next 12 months, compared to 15% who said they will spend less money. 54% of teens spend one or more hours reading a newspaper in a given week. 95% of teens plan to enter college in the future. 58% obtain money from their parents as a source of income. 62% of teens have a savings account. Teens spend an average of $74 dollars per week; which includes their own and other people’s money. 82% of teens have a computer at home. 71% of teens have access to the Internet at home. 44% of teens have purchased something online, Teenage Research Unlimited reports.