7.9% of US households use VoIP

7.9 % of US households now use a VoIP telephone service, up from 6.5 % at the end of Q2 2006, In-Stat reports. Vonage and Time Warner Cable continue neck-and-neck among facilities-based VoIP subscribers with an estimated 1.7 mln and 1.6 mln active households respectively. Skype continues to dominate among client-based VoIP services with 2.1 mln active households, while Microsoft gained more than 1.1 mln active households as of the end of Q3. In a recent survey, 49 % of current residential VoIP users reported that they had discontinued a traditional (non-VoIP) phone service when they got their VoIP services, including nearly 12% of respondents who report that their only VoIP service is client-based. This suggests that the rapid growth of users for client-based services like Skype and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice is also having an impact on incumbent service providers.