77% of US consumers willing to change banks for better protection policy

77% are willing to change banks for better protection of their money. This represents a 50% increase in willingness to switch banks, as compared to a 2005 Unisys study on identity fraud and bank security issues. Certain banks and online retailers stand to lose a large portion of the $32 bln in online shopping this holiday season, revenue that is up 18% from 2005, according to JupiterResearch. Banks and retailers can expect consumer fears to continue, as 63% of survey respondents believe credit card fraud and ID theft will become an even bigger security threat in the future. This majority of consumers place much of the blame on the organizations and the government entities responsible for regulating them, claiming they are not doing enough to protect and secure their personal information. Despite this huge increase in consumers willing to consider taking action and switch banks for more security, only a minority of consumers will pay for protection. Only 10% were willing to pay for these services, compared to 40% of consumers who were willing to pay additional bank fees for greater security in a similar study Unisys conducted 2005.