77% of Americans think alternative energy projects should be top priority for Bush administration

The CSI/40mpg.org survey found that 58% of Americans – including 57% of independents and 42% of conservatives – are more concerned about global warming today than they were two years ago. Also, more than three out of four Americans (76%) – including two out of three conservatives – think the federal government is not doing “enough to address global warming and develop alternative energy sources in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” 83% of Americans – including 77% of conservatives – said that “in the absence of federal leadership” today, they support the fast-growing number of pushes by “state and local officials to curb global warming and promote new energy resources.” 77% of Americans think that “developing alternative or renewable energy sources and reducing US dependence on foreign oil should be President Bush’s top priority for the balance of his term in office”; and 83% of Americans – including 72% of conservatives and 85% of independents – would like to see more attention paid to global warming during the 2006 Congressional elections and the 2008 Presidential elections.