76.2 mln PCs sold worldwide in Q4 2007

In Q4 2007 HP’s global PC shipments rose to 14.6 mln units, up 25.5% from 11.6 mln during Q4 2006, according to iSuppli. With sequence of six quarters of worldwide PC shipment leadership, Hewlett-Packard claimed the #1 ranking for worldwide PC shipments for the entire year of 2007. Dell’s shipments rose to 11.3 mln units in Q4 2007, up 17.4% over Q4 2006. This compares to 1.5% growth during Q3. Dell’s shipments were up 14.1% compared to Q3– in is the largest percentage increase among the Top-6 brands. Apple is brand at No. 6, a position the company has held since Q3 2007. The company’s total fourth-quarter PC shipments grew 39.3% YoY, with equally strong growth for its desktop and notebook businesses. Total worldwide PC shipments in Q4 2007 amounted to 76.2 mln units, up 11.7% sequentially and up 14.2% from 66.7 mln during Q4 2006.