76% of Americans have streamed video online

80% of the UK online population (age 15+ who have accessed the Internet from either a home or a work computer), initiated a video stream in April 2007, compared to 76% in the US, 79% in France, and 70% in Germany. The study also reported that the average U.K. streaming video viewer initiated 80 streams in April 2007, compared to 64 streams per streamer in France and 62 streams per streamer in Germany. By comparison the average streamer in the US initiated 65 streams per streamer in April 2007.

Online video streaming by country

Country Reach Online time
spent on video
per visitor
United Kingdom 80% 10% 80
United States 76% 6% 65
France 79% 13% 64
Germany 70% 9% 62
Source: comScore