75% of UK Internet users still prefer CD as the format for owning music

CD remains the most popular format of owning music for 75% of UK Internet users, 9 times more popular than digital format, which is preferred by 8% of UK Internet users. 75% of music site visitors still buy most or all of their music in physical format. Only 5% buy all their music in digital format. 69% of music site visitors place an importance on owning music in a physical format. 25% of UK Internet users admitted they have downloaded free music using a p2p or file-sharing website. Internet users are twice as likely to have paid for music from an online store as they are to have downloaded it for free using a p2p / file-sharing website. 25% of people who visit music sites say one of the best things about the Internet for music is getting it for free. However, only 1 in 14 music site visitors actually get all their music for free – women are 50% more likely to do this than men; those aged 16-24 are 3.6 times more likely to do this than those aged 55+, Nielsen//NetRatings found.