74.9 mln PC graphics devices shipped in Q1 2006

Jon Peddie Research estimates that approximately 74.9 mln PC graphics devices shipped from major suppliers in Q1 2006, a 5.7% decline from Q4 2005 and a 24.5% increase over Q1 2005. The desktop graphics segment saw shipments fall 7.5% from Q4 2005 to Q1 2006 but shipments grew 22.3% YTY. Integrated desktop shipments dropped 8.6% sequentially but increased 33.7% annually. Discrete desktop shipments fell 5.7% on a quarterly basis and grew 7.2% YTY.

The mobile graphics segment saw quarterly shipments decline just 0.2% and grow 31.2% YTY. Integrated mobile shipments fell 1.3% sequentially but grew 55.7% annually. Discrete mobile shipments grew 3.0% during the period but fell 8.6% compared to the same period the previous year. Discrete mobile was the only market segment to exhibit sequential growth during Q1 2006, but was also the only segment to show a YTY decline in shipments.

JPR estimates that approximately 55.6 mln desktop graphics devices shipped in Q1 2006, 34.6 mln or 62.2% of which were integrated parts. Overall, Intel claimed 34.1% of the desktop graphics market, ATI held 26.1%, and Nvidia followed with 23.3% market share. While Intel was the largest supplier of desktop graphics during the period, ATI widened its lead over Nvidia in the desktop segment as compared to Q4 2005 on increased shipments of integrated graphics controllers. In the discrete desktop segment, however, Nvidia grew segment share from 51.5% in Q4 2005 to 53.0% in Q1 2006. ATI saw its discrete desktop share decline from 46.3% in Q4 2005 to 45.1% in Q1 2006.