73.3% of PCs sold in 2004 were desktops, 24% – laptops

Mobile PC continue to be the fastest growing PC segment in 2004, posting more than twice the growth of desktop computers. The market share of notebooks increased to a new record of 24% in 2004, according to iSuppli.

Total notebook shipments were 45.9 mln units, up 22.1% from 37.6 mln in 2003. Desktop PCs also posted solid growth from 126.8 mln to 140.2 mln, but growth was at 10.6% only half as strong as the mobile segment’s result. The third major PC form factor, the entry-level server, grew 19% from 4.5 mln to 5.3 mln shipped devices. Notebooks reached a new record level market share of 24.0%, while the desktop’s share decreased to 73.3% of shipments between the three major form factors. iSuppli analysts believe that the trend of laptop shipments rising at a faster rate than desktops or entry-level servers will continue over the next few years.