72% of online Americans listen to music on their PCs

72% of online adults in the US are using their home computers to listen to audio content, according to Consumer Electronics Association. Рapid penetration of the PC in US households (now estimated at 82%) has more and more consumers looking to their home computer instead of their TV, DVD player or CD player for a home audio experience. 86% of home PC audio users are satisfied with their computer-sourced audio experience. However, more than one-third of home PC audio users cite the need for better sound quality. When forced to choose between having a quality audio experience and owning a large number of audio files, almost half (47%) of home PC audio users chose quality over quantity. 77% of home PC audio users listen to music on their PC an average of nine hours per week. While physical media remains the primary source of audio content among overall home PC audio users, the Internet and digital files also represent significant sources of content. 9% of home PC audio users currently connect their PC to their home audio systems.