72% of large companies to use voice over wireless by 2009

According to Infonetics Research, the number of organizations deploying voice over wireless LANs (WLAN) will triple over the next two years, from 10% now to 31% in 2007, driven by the growing availability of wireless VoIP handsets and voice-enabling wireless infrastructure. WLAN adoption grows over the next 3 years; Infonetics projects 57% of small, 62% of medium, and 72% of large organizations in North America will use them by 2009. The leading barriers to WLAN adoption are security and privacy.

42% of respondents have a wireless policy that defines how employees can use the WLAN and other wireless technologies. 44% deploy and manage their access points separately, without the use of WLAN switches; this approach declines by 2007, as centralized control architectures gain traction and the number of WLAN switch ports deployed grows significantly.