72% of Americans have broadband

Nielsen//NetRatings announced that nearly three-quarters of US active Web users connected at home via broadband in May, growing 15% over a year ago, when just 57% of active Web users relied on broadband connections at home. Research also indicates that broadband users are more likely to make better use of Internet functionalities and newer technologies, such as RSS feeds and blogging. While in May 2005 43% of Americans were on narrowband connections, and 57% were on broadband, in May 2006 the share of narrowband went down to 28%. The total number of home broadband users has grown 30% YTY, from 78.6 mln in May 2005 to 102.5 mln in May 2006, while the number of narrowband users has dropped 31% in the same time period, from 58.8 mln to 40.3 mln. Broadband composition remains high in the workplace, with 90% saturation in May 2006; a year ago that figure was at 82%.