70% of pre-paid wireless subscribers in Canada would not change their operators

37% of Canadian wireless customers said they have a 2-year contract with a wireless carrier, and an additional 37% are signed to a 3-year contract. Contract customers report paying an average of $65.06 per month for service, J.D. Power and Associates said. Service-plan options are most important to pre-paid service customers (at 32%), followed by customer service, cost of service and call quality. Virgin Mobile ranked highest, receiving top scores in all four areas, and exceptionally high ratings for customer service. Telus followed Virgin in the rankings. Among pre-paid customers, 53% use their phone for personal reasons only. Pre-paid customers report spending an average of $22.33 per month. Nearly 70% of pre-paid customers say they would not change providers, even if they were able to keep the same phone number.