70% of organizations report Blackberry downtime over 15 minutes a month

Most organizations said they do not provide service level agreements on Blackberry support of even 99.9% uptime (that’s nearly 9 hours per year of downtime). One third don’t offer SLAs and don’t plan to. Over 70% of organizations reported Blackberry downtimes of over 15 minutes per month. Over 12% reported over an hour of downtime per month. 95% of the organizations surveyed said BlackBerry users tend to be higher profile employees, while middle managers are BlackBerry users in 63% of organizations. In contrast, only 7% of junior staff members are BlackBerry users, and clerical staff use BlackBerry in only 1% of the organizations surveyed. Most Blackberry problems don’t originate in the Blackberry server, but rather in the complex environment the server interacts with. Over 75% of Blackberry problems take more than an hour of an IT administrators time to resolve, Osterman Survey says.