70% of broadband Americans are not interested in commercial online video

Currently, only 50% of broadband subscribers are interested in online video, according to JupiterMedia. Only 56% of broadband subscribers at this point in time are even interested in regularly watching video content. In fact, 70% of broadband customers are not interested in paying for video online and 46% are not interested in copying video. This could be a function of the fact that there is now not much online video available, or a reflection of the fact that most people are interested in using their televisions to watch video. With approximately 112 million US households currently watching television, traditional video delivery is largely satisfying consumer demand. Astonishingly, 46% of respondents admitted there was no value in copying video. When asked about copying music, 41% of respondents admitted there was no value in copying music. For those that do copy, 59% do so for personal mix tapes or compilations.