7% of doctors recommend Google, 4% recommend Yahoo!

79% of physicians reported that they encourage patients to use the Internet for medical information. When asked what Web site they frequent most often for medical information, 31% of consumers reported utilizing WebMD. Search engines Google and Yahoo! earned 7% and 4% of mentions, respectively, followed by the Mayo Clinic with 3% of mentions. 10% of consumers surveyed indicated that they had ordered prescription products over the Internet. Notably, older consumers were significantly more likely to order prescriptions over the Web; 26% of respondents age 55+ reported that they had ordered prescriptions online, compared with 17% of consumers younger than 55. Medco.com received the largest share of consumer responses for the Web site visited to order prescription products online (26%). ExpressScripts.com ranked second with 11% of all consumer mentions, followed by Walgreens.com with 9%, Verispan says.