670 mln instant messaging users by 2008

Radicati Group projects 670 instant messaging users by 2008. Don’t rush to invest in that custom IM development company yet, as up to 88% are predicted to use the freely available tools and networks for their daily communication. The market itself, however, will fetch a nice $413, but only in 2008. Globally only 20% of the corporate users think of IM as a valid communication tool for doing business. By 2008 this will quadruple to 80%, where it turns out that the United States is already ahead of the world – 85% of Americans consider instant messenger to be a viable business tool today.

Why do companies decide on instant messaging? 44% encourage electronic inter-office communication, 33% do it to decrease phone charges, 11% think it improves employees’ productivity and another 11% just want a complement to e-mail and telephone.