66.2% of Americans say increasing gas prices impacted their spending habits

According to National Retail Federation and BIGresearch, 66.2% of consumers, or 145.3 mln Americans, believe that fluctuating gas prices have impacted their spending habits, up from 56.8% in 2004. 68.5 mln people (31.2% of consumers) have decreased vacation or travel plans. 25.2% have been dining out less frequently. 23.7% spending less on clothing. 17.3% spending less on groceries. 35.9 mln consumers (16.4%) have delayed purchases of cars and furniture as a result of higher gas prices. But only 5.7% of consumers increased carpooling. 35.1% of consumers polled said that gas prices would affect their Memorial Day spending. 69.9% of consumers with household incomes under $50,000 say they have felt an impact from rising gas prices. 58.2% with household incomes over $50,000 have also been affected.