66% of young Americans use social networks for candidate information

24% Americans uses an online social networking site such as MySpace or Facebook, according to the Pew Internet Project. 66% of Americans age 18-29 say they use social networking sites, and 27% say that they have gotten information about candidates and the campaign from them – including 37% among those ages 18-24. 8% of people under age 30 say that they have signed up as a “friend” of one of the candidates on a site. 21% of people ages 30-39 use social networking sites, but just 4% in this age group say that they have gotten campaign information from those sites; 3% have “friended” a candidate.

Action Total 18-29 30-39 40+
Use social network sites 22 67 21 6
Get campaign information from sites 7 27 4 1
Signed up as “friend” of candidate 3 8 3 *