66% of Canadians enjoy newspaper ads

66% of Canadians indicate that they enjoy the page advertising and product/service inserts that come with the newspaper, some individuals are more likely than others to say that this is the case: Women (70%) are more likely than men (62%) to agree with this perspective, and 73% of households with children agree that this is the case. Those aged 35-54 and 55+ are equally as likely to take this position (71%), compared with those aged 18-34 (55%), according to Ipsos Reid.

Those with less than high school education (71%) and those with a high school education (70%) are most likely to share this view, compared with those who have post secondary education (66%) or have a university degree (55%). As for household income, those in the higher income groupings – 68% of those earning more than $60,000 household income per annum and those earning between $30,000-$60,000 household income per year (67%) – are more likely than those earning less than $30,000 household income per year (63%) to take this point of view. Atlantic Canadians (74%) are most likely to express their enjoyment in this regard, followed by Ontarians (68%), those living in Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba (67%), and those in British Columbia (63%) and Quebec (62%).