65% of video consumers prefer professional video to user-generated

65% of consumers who watch video on their computers, mobile devices or digital media players are watching professionally-produced TV programming, including network- and cable-produced shows, news and sports. This number exceeds the 39% of consumers watching user-generated video by 67% and is expected to increase over the next six months as traditional TV viewers begin to shift their viewing behavior towards other devices. In addition, the survey finds that when searching on a computer, mobile device or media player, 62% of consumers say that it takes at least a few minutes to find something interesting to watch. The discovery process is similarly frustrating for consumers watching programming on their TV sets with 72% of all television viewers indicating that it takes at least a few minutes to find programming of interest. The difficulty finding shows and movies to watch on the TV set is clearly costing TV service providers lost revenue as 43% of consumers indicate that they would watch more Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View if they could find more content of interest. This number is up 19% from 2006, ChoiceStream reports.