64.8% of North American developers target Windows in 2007, down 12%

Targeting of the Windows OS has declined by 12% from a year ago, continuing a two-year gradual decline. Currently 64.8% of North American developers are targeting some version of Windows, as opposed to 74% in 2006 and this is expected to drop another 2% in the coming year. Although Windows remains the largest market segment, Linux targeting has increased by 34% from 8.8% a year ago to 11.8% today, Evans Data reports.

Javascript is the most widely used scripting language – with more than three times the users of PHP, Ruby, or Python, but use of Ruby is expected to increase by 50% within the coming year. A third of North American developers are currently working with virtualization, and 42.5% expect to be adopting this within the in 2008.