63% of malware is distributed through US sites

US-based Web surfers are more at risk to malware attacks and online identity theft schemes than citizens from other countries, with more than 63% of malware distributed on US-based Web sites. In addition more than 2 mln URLs world-wide distributed malicious downloads to site visitors. Cyveillance also determined that despite the rate of traditional phishing attacks leveling off, there was a 20% increase in the aggregate quantity of brands targeted, indicating that phishers continue to change targets. China and the United States host 60% of sites where malware binaries are stored, while 63% of the sites being used to attract and distribute malware are hosted in the United States. The United States also hosts over 50% of the world?s malware drop sites, which collect information from infected computers that use keyloggers, screen scrapers and other approaches to passively harvest sensitive personal information.