62% of consumers would buy an integrated cell phone and landline

Over half of the respondents to an In-Stat consumer survey indicated a desire to purchase integrated services. Integrated services will allow providers to actually tie what have been disparate networks together (primarily landline, wireless, and voice) and offer a new class of services. Cell-phone/landline integration continued to have the highest positive response, with 62% of respondents indicating an interest in purchasing this service, as compared to 51% respondent interest in a 2004 survey.

The 18 to 34-age bracket, as well as those with household incomes of $100,000 or more, are most willing to pay for integrated services. Interest in a virtual, network-based personal phonebook that would be downloadable to any phone, PDA, or PC, more than doubled from last year’s survey, with an increase of 34%. Survey results indicate that current communication purchases and needs are an indicator for future purchase of integrated services.