62% of consumers read reviews online before purchasing

According to Deloitte’s Consumer Products group, 62% of consumers read consumer-written product reviews on the Internet. Of these, 82% say their purchase decisions have been directly influenced by the reviews, either influencing them to buy a different product than the one they had originally been thinking about purchasing or confirming the original purchase intention. Interestingly, while the%ages were slightly higher for the younger generations, all age groups are reading and acting on online reviews at significant rates. In addition, the reach of consumer reviews isn’t limited to the online world; seven in 10 (69%) consumers who read reviews share them with friends, family or colleagues, thus amplifying their impact. Recent recalls of imported products are also contributing to this trend: one-third of survey respondents (33%) said that, as a result of recent recalls, they now look for more information on the packaging/product and almost one in five (18%) said they now look for more information on the Internet or in other locations.