62% of African Americans, 51% of whites and 44% of US Hispanics have more than 2 TVs

Knowledge Networks says 62% of African American households have more than two TVs. 51% of white households have more than two TVs. 44% of the Hispanics households have more than two TVs. 49% of African American homes have large (30 inches or bigger) TV sets, versus 44% for whites and 41% for Hispanics. Almost 57% of Hispanic respondents and an equal number of African American respondents agreed that watching television was the household’s favorite way to relax, as compared to nearly 53% of white households. 45% of African American respondents and 50% of Hispanic households said that “much” of their family time is spent with TV, versus 29% of white households. 70% of the polled white homes had a home computer, as compared to 55% for African Americans and 47% for Hispanics. 30% of white homes have broadband Internet connectivity, compared to 19% for African American households and 16% for Hispanics.