$600 mln worth of nanomaterials for electronics to sell in 2008

The global market for nanomaterials for electronics applications will reach $600 mln in 2008 and grow at a compound annual rate of more than 40% to reach nearly $7 bln in 2015, according to The Information Network. The Semiconductor sector will have a 62.1% share of the $600 mln market in 2008, primarily because of utilization of Designer Molecules for DUV photoresists and for Slurries for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP). Nanotubes and Nanowires will enter the market after 2010 and begin to gain share. However, the Semiconductor sector will lose market share to Sensors and RFID, and by 2015 its share will have dropped to 58.1% of the nearly $7 bln market for nanomaterials.