6% of US Internet users read blogs, 2% use RSS

Today, only 6% of online consumers read blogs and 2% use RSS, while 70% of online consumers use the Internet to research products for purchase. Marketers should focus on identifying the early-adopting tech optimists who read blogs to tap effective viral marketing opportunities. Households with a laptop and home network watch three fewer hours of TV per week and read the paper an hour less per week than offline households do. In the past three months, 43% of US online households banked online, 41% checked their account balances online, and 24% transferred balances online. In 2004, 39.5 mln US households shopped online – 3.5 mln more than in 2003. Broadband, laptop, and home networking adoption will help drive online research and purchasing to more than 55 mln households by 2010, according to Forrester Research.