6 mln US households downloaded P2P video, 1.2 mln paid for legal videos

Among US households with members who regularly use the Internet, 8% (6 mln households) downloaded at least one digital video file (10MB or larger) from a P2P service for free in Q3 2006, NPD Group says. Nearly 60% of video files downloaded from P2P sites were adult-film content, while 20% was TV show content and 5% was mainstream movie content. In Q3 2006 2% of US households (1.2 mln) with Internet access paid for a video download from an online download store. Apple’s iTunes led the market for paid digital video downloads, with 90% of downloads occurring on that site, followed by Vongo (5%), Movielink (3%) and less than 1% for CinemaNow. 62% was TV program content, 24% was music video content and 6% was mainstream movie content.