59% of US households have landlines and cell phones, 24% have just landlines

For the first half of 2007, 14% of households had cell phone service but no landline telephones, CDC reports. That was less than 1% over the second half of 2006. For the second part of 2006, the increase in those households had been about 2% over the previous six-month period. 18% of Hispanic adults have cell phones but no landline phones, the survey showed. That was up from 15% in the last half of 2006. 11% of white adults and 14% of black adults had only cell phone service. Roughly three in 10 people age 18 to 29 had only wireless telephones – more than double the portion of those age 30 and older who rely only on cell phones. 14% of males and 12% of females only had cell phone service. About one in five poor people have only cell phones, about double the share for those who are not poor. 59% of households have landlines and cell phones, and 24% have only landlines.