5.8% of US cell phone users have checked their e-mail on the phone

M:Metrics has found that students, particularly those who are also employed, consume more mobile content than any other group. Students are getting a jump on the back-to-school mobile buying season, as they make use of their new phones by using mobile content. Mobile browser use among students grew by 8.7% in July 2005, a rate that is two-thirds higher compared with growth in consumption by non-students.

Monthly consumption of content
and entertainment among US mobile subscribers
Activity Monthly
reach, 000
% of US mobile
Sent or Received
Text Message
67,542 37.3% 0.1%
Retrieved News and
Information Via Browser
24,325 13.4% 6.6%
Used Personal E-mail 20,359 11.3% 2.6%
Used Photo Messaging 18,752 10.4% 10.5%
Purchased Ringtone 17,551 9.7% 1.4%
Used Mobile
Instant Messenger
17,375 9.6% 0.1%
Used Work E-mail 10,461 5.8% 8.5%
Purchased Wallpaper
or Screensaver
6,955 3.8% 5.7%
Downloaded Mobile Game 6,233 3.4% 4.7%
Source: M:Metrics