58% of Americans have contacted government in 2007

58% of Americans have contacted their government in some way during 2007, according to the Pew Internet Project. Some 42% of those who contacted the government say they visited an agency in person; 29% say they called a government office; 18% say they sent an email to a government office or agency; and 13% say they wrote a letter to the government. Some 27% of those who say they contacted the government in the past year say they contacted their local government; another 27% say they contacted their state government. Slightly fewer – 23% – say they contacted the federal government. And 12% say they reached out to several different levels of government. About 10% of respondents either could not remember or would not say where they approached the government. 60% of white Americans say they have contacted their government in the past year, while 49% of minority adults have done the same. 65% of internet users have contacted the government in 2007, compared with 36% of those who do not use the internet.