57% of men shopped for Valentine’s Day gift online

41% of all respondents to Performics survey plan to purchase a gift for Valentine’s Day 2008, and most men (57%) plan to use the Internet to aid in their purchase process. The top three reasons cited for how respondents planned to use the Internet included, “get gift ideas” (32%), “compare prices/find deals” (27%), and “find a specific product” (21%). 64% of Valentine’s Day gift purchasers plan to spend $50 or less; men have a higher gift purchase budget than women, spending an average of $82.60 compared to women who spend and average of $49.60. The most popular gift choices include candy (52%), flowers (39%), gift certificates (21%) and books/music/DVDs (19%) in popularity. 37% of males find Valentine’s Day purchases to be “more challenging” compared to other holiday purchases.