56% of mobile connections in Western Hemisphere are GSM

GSM attains an market share of 56% in the Western Hemisphere and growing. EDGE is available through 59 operators in 24 countries. Globally, GSM’s net additions in 2006 far exceed the entire customer base of any other mobile wireless technology. In the past year, GSM gained 461 mln new customers worldwide, compared to 48 mln CDMA customers, according to estimates by Informa Telecoms & Media. In Latin America, GSM grew its subscriber base by more than 81 mln customers, surpassing the 200 mln customer mark, while CDMA added 6 mln customers for a total customer base of approximately 62 mln. There are over 700 GSM operators in service worldwide across 220 countries. This includes over 208 EDGE deployments worldwide, which highlights the winning combination of coverage, speed, devices, and low latency provided by the still-growing technology. The GSM family’s 3G services are being delivered across the world as well, with 155 UMTS commercial networks in service, 97 of which have already deployed HSDPA.