56% of Americans know what IPTV is

Despite limited availability in the United States, 56% of all adults say they have heard of Internet television, Harris Interactive said. 17% of the respondents said they would cancel their existing TV service for IPTV, while 67% said they would keep their existing cable or satellite service and give Internet TV a trial run. Only 7% said they would add IPTV to their existing service. 25% of adults said they were quite interested in IPTV for use on their TVs, and 20% expressed interest in adopting its use on their computers. Less than 4% said they were interested in viewing IPTV on a cellular phone. 12% of adults were ready to sign up for IPTV immediately for the PC, and 18% said they would try it right away if it was available for the PC, and could be sent to the TV using a set-top box. Almost 60% said they would wait to see how others liked it.