55% of US farmers use PCs, 51% are online

Out of 32,400 farms surveyed by the USDA, 55% own or lease a computer, up from 54% in 2003. 31% use a PC it in their operations. About 51% have Internet access, compared with 48% in 2003. 69% of US farmers use dial-up. 26% also said they used the Internet in the past 12 months for nonagricultural business. Kentucky farmers have the least Internet access in the nation – 30%. Internet penetration among farmers is 37% in Alabama, 36% in Georgia, 37% in Mississippi and 47% in Louisiana. Just 38% of Missouri farmers and 49% of Kansas farmers had Internet service. In North Dakota, 58% of farmers were connected. Farmers who have the greatest Internet access, 76%, live in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Western states also have higher access: Montana at 70%, Oregon at 68%, Colorado at 65%, Idaho at 68% and Washington state at 65%.