55% of online teens have social networking profiles

55% of online teens have profiles; here is a rundown of the kinds of information they post: 82% of profile creators have included their first name in their profiles, 79% have included photos of themselves. 66% have included photos of their friends. 61% have included the name of their city or town. 49% have included the name of their school. 40% have included their instant message screen name. 40% have streamed audio to their profile. 39% have linked to their blog. 29% have included their email address. 29% have included their last names. 29% have included videos. 2% have included their cell phone numbers. 6% of online teens and 11% of profile-owning teens post their first and last names on publicly-accessible profiles. 3% of online teens and 5% of profile-owning teens disclose their full names, photos of themselves and the town where they live in publicly-viewable profiles, Pew Internet & American Life Project reports.