$54.7 mln of WiFi+VOIP handsets sold in 2004

Worldwide WiFi VoIP handset revenue totaled $54.7 mln in 2004 and units totaled 143,000, and strong growth is expected at least through 2009 as steady adoption of voice over WiFi continues, according to Infonetics Research.

Worldwide dual-mode WiFi/cellular handset revenue hit $6.7 mln in 2004. WiFi capability will eventually become a common feature in cell phones, just as it is becoming standard in laptops today. WiFi VoIP handsets represent a small market currently, but one with great potential. In logistics and healthcare verticals in particular, VoWLAN is already gaining momentum and will become widespread throughout the enterprise as VoIP and wireless LAN adoption continue. There is potential for enormous growth in the consumer space, as VoIP services and wireless gateways are bundled with a broadband connection. More dual-mode WiFi/cellular handsets will reach the market, enabling enterprise users to roam across 3G networks, home networks, corporate wireless LANs, and WiFi hotspots.

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