53.4 mln blogs by year-end 2005

Perseus reports in MediaPost that there are currently 31.6 mln hosted blogs that were created on services like BlogSpot, LiveJournal, Xanga, and MSN Spaces. There were 10 mln created in Q1 2005 alone. The 31.6 mln is expected to grow to 53.4 mln by the end of 2005. Perseus notes that the leading blog hosts are BlogSpot, LiveJournal, and Xanga. It categorizes MSN Spaces as a “challenger” which launched in 14 languages and 26 markets and had 4.5 mln accounts at the end of Q1 2005. TypePad, Blurty, Greatest Journal, and AOL Journals were labeled as “upstarts,” and Dead Journal and Diaryland/Pitas as “niche players.”