53 mln IPTV subscribers by 2009

Worldwide IPTV service revenue will skyrocket to over $44 bln in 2009, according to Infonetics Research. DSL providers account for the bulk of service revenue now, but cable broadband providers will also migrate to all-IP triple-play services in the next few years, possibly offering wireless services as well.

Service providers anticipate big payoffs from IPTV, judging from the significant investments they are making. In 2004, service providers worldwide spent $304 mln on IPTV-related services infrastructure, growing to almost $4.5 bln in 2009 as providers look to IPTV services as the means of raising ARPU from a near-saturated broadband subscriber base. IPTV subscribers are increasing briskly as well, topping 53 mln worldwide in 2009. Subscriber growth is strong in all regions, especially in Asia Pacific, where faster forms of DSL like VDSL and ADSL2/2+ are stimulating subscriber growth.