51% of online teens download music online

51% of online teens told Pew Internet & American Life Project they download music files from the internet compared with 18% of online adults who were surveyed at the end of 2004. 31% of those who do not currently download music files say that they used to download music in the past. When projected on to the total population of online teens, this suggests that the total universe of teens with music downloading experience (those who are current or former downloaders) is about 66% of teen internet users. 31% of online teens say they currently download video files to their computer so they can play them at any time, while just 14% of online adults reported the same at the end of 2004. Older teen boys with broadband connections at home are the most likely to say they get music and video files online. Teens who get music files online believe it’s unrealistic to expect people to self-regulate and avoid free downloading and file-sharing altogether.